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I had been to Jordan when I was a little girl, 11years old to be precise and had always wanted to go back. My parents had taken us there over […]


How do you go to a place you can’t even pronounce, let alone spell right, each time you try and explain where you are going. That extra “c”, right in […]

Bozeman Ice Festival

For the past three years, the Bozeman Ice Festival has marked the beginning of my winter season. I say goodbye to warm sun and rock, climbing slippers and tank tops […]

Frendo Spur

Frendo Spur… check it out! http://blog.firstascent.com/2010/10/22/first-ascent-guide-caroline-george-navigates-the-frendo-spur-in-france/

Drus North Couloir

Les Drus, The Drus. A beautiful granite monolith that stands proud above the Chamonix valley, burning like a flame as the sun sets down on it. There is no easy […]

Kuffner Ridge

The Kuffner Ridge is border to Italy and France, separating two spectacular cirques: the Maudit Cirque and that of the Brenva (south side of Mont Blanc). The ridge was first […]

Rock Guiding in the Alps

I love all aspects of guiding. Alpine, ski, ice, etc. In the midst of a long season of guiding in the mountains however, rock guiding is a welcome breath of […]

Eiger Nordwand

Eiger Nordwand from caroline george on Vimeo. While growing up, I had heard of the infamous Eiger North Face, but I’ll confess, it was mostly just some mythical mountain that […]

What to do with time off?

In the guiding business, summer is a busy time.  The old adage “make hay while the sun shines,” is a motto that most guides I know live by.  It is […]

Cosmiques with Mom

I like to think that climbing is in my genes because my parents were climbers. We travelled the world to climb. And it’s still with great pleasure that I go […]


The Matterhorn is certainly the most  iconic mountain in the world. No less. It’s no surprise that everyone wants to stand on its summit. Yet climbing the Matterhorn is no […]

Arete des Papillons (Papillons Ridge)

The Papillons Rige is a great climb on beautful rock on the Aiguille du Peigne in Chamonix. You reach the base within a 30-45min hike from the Plan de l’Aiguille […]