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The Marmolada: Tempi Moderni For married couples like Caroline and I, “dating” usually has an entirely different meaning. Throw in a child, and just the term “dating” itself is like a […]

Ski Japan January 2018

WHY? Japan offers some of the best snow on earth: it’s light, it’s fluffy and there is a ton of it! The Japanese mountains have more precipitation in a season […]

5 Tips for Safer Rappels

1: Use a backup This may be the most important rule in increasing your safety while rappelling.  When setting up your rappel, incorporate a prussic (or an autoblock, which is […]

Japan Dreams

Japan and skiing. These are two words I had never associated. I pictured Japan as the land of electronics, cheaper cars, bustling Tokyo, and fast-paced life. My image of mountains […]

Northern Norway

The scariest part of the trip was driving down in the rain to the Setermoen area, 2.5 hours south of Tromso, when Tina and I could not keep our eyes on the road, but rather were looking up at the massive climbs all around us. We were like two kids in a candy store. We were both mesmerized and worried we wouldn’t have enough time to climb everything!

Tips for Safer Climbing at the Crag


BlueWater 9.1 Icon Rope

I’m tied into a rope at least 250 days a year so I feel I have a good sense on what works and what doesn’t.  Generally speaking a skinny rope […]

Being a mom, being me

On February 11, 2012, I traveled from Chamonix to Switzerland to visit my mom and go ski touring in the blistering cold. An Arctic cold snap had hit Europe and […]

When I first told people I was going to be a father, most people’s initial reaction was to tell me how “you’re life is going to change.”  Some people even […]

Pregnancy, Ski touring, Perspective

Pregnancy has been one of the best journeys of my life. It’s not over, but I am already starting to feel nostalgic about not seeing my belly grow everyday, accompany […]

Next summit: Motherhood

Life goes in stages. For me at least, it does. You go through college, graduate and wonder: “What’s next?” You find your dream job, settle into it and one morning […]

Summer in the Alps went from being inexistent to full blast. It’s the hottest month of August in years. I am grateful for this spell of beautiful weather myself, but […]