Get educated to save lives!

Avalanche education is a life long process of learning about snow and understanding the interaction of snow and its environment, and your own interaction with snow.

We offer two levels of avalanche training based on your needs.

Level 1:

  • Knowing your equipment
  • Reading and understanding the avalanche forecast
  • Knowing how to carry and use your avalanche transceiver
  • Gain a better understanding of the most critical winter hazards (avalanches, cold temperatures, weather hazards, cornices, disorientation, terrain features…)
  • An introduction to the 3 x 3 method
  • Different types of avalanches
  • “What is the most likely hazard today?”
  •  Performing a basic rescue

Level 2:

  • Reviewing level 1
  • Snow profile to understand the snowpack dynamics
  • 3×3 method: better understanding and application in the field
  • White Risk application: introduction, key points to better understand the avalanche forecast, learn to use the tools in the app
  • Avalanche reduction method: introduction and field application
  • Human factors
  • Steps in an avalanche rescue

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