Preparation for Norway

A few climbs in preparation for my dream ice climbing destination: Norway, for First Ascent. Follow us on the First Ascent blog!

Mighty Aphrodite, James Q Martin

Ames Ice Hose in Telluride (Andrew Burr Photo)

With Chad in Ouray: Chad Peele and I had never climbed together, so we figured we would go climb around Ouray on my 1/2 day off between Chicks with Picks‘ Complete and the Betty Ice Ball. We made it up one climb – “Rocket something”just outside of Ouray – and then tried to go this amazing pillar I had seen a few days prior with Andrew Burr and Jason Nelson (check out the pictures on the blog). Yet, with the spell of warm temps, the creek had unfrozen and when I broke through the verglas and fell up to mid-calves in the cold-issima water, we decided to call it and go grab some lunch instead. Just a half day of climbing was enough to get feel for how we would climb together. Norway is going to be fun!
Automatic Control Theory, Santaquin Canyon, UT, Photo from hubby Adam George
The following pictures are of Frankenchrist, Maple Canyon UT, one of my favorite places to climb in because of the red cobble stones and the color of the ice. Funky ice but fun. Went down there with Peter Vintoniv and Tommy Chandler. Enjoy!

Frankenchrist, Maple Canyon UT

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