Michele Gilbert

“What image are you currently starting at on your computer wallpaper or screensaver? Do you find that you had a fun vacation, basked and reveled in the glory of it for about 1-2 months afterwards while letting all your friends know what peaks you bagged or ski descents you cruised and then, the photos are put away, the screensaver changed and the memories are filed away? This will not be the case if you go climbing with Caroline. Two years later and I still have the screensaver up and am trying to determine how exactly I can squeak in a trip to Europe this summer even though I am currently recovering from a fractured ankle. Caroline, it goes without saying, is a great climber. But that is not what makes the trip memorable. For me, climbing is about spending time in beautiful places, climbing aesthetic routes and having great company. And Caroline will not fail to deliver on any of these aspects. She can find a spectacular route full of orange granite with no other climbers on it and then provide great dinner conversation over a cinnamon curry in the hut. She can cuss out other guides who are trying to poach your ice climb, then smooth things over, then go hang out and eat ice cream. So if you want to go on a trip, you can climb with anyone, but if you want to have an experience with memories that will last a lifetime, go climbing with Caroline.” – Michele Gilbert