Women empowered by mountains

She believed she could, so she did! – Grey.

Women are the educators in our society. By giving them the confidence and the tools to make knowledge based decisions in the mountains, they will be able to forward these tools to the future generation as well as use them in their own lives.

This course is for women who wish to become more autonomous in the mountains, in the winter and in the summer, to become leaders of their own adventures, in the mountains and in their lives. Mountains are a metaphor for life. You can climb any “mountain” that you come across or chose to ascend if you have the right tools and the necessary experience to make knowledge-based decisions.

Program overview: 2 x 4 days

Summer: August 26-29th, 2021

  • Day 1: meet in Champex at 10am. Hike to the Orny hut. Single pitch rock climbing:
    • how to set up a top rope
    • use your gear properly
    • belay technique
    • set up a rappel
    • rope coiling.
    • navigation basics
  • Day 2: Ridge: we will climb a ridge and learn about safety on a ridge. Hike to the Trient Hut. Overview of glacier travel. Navigation basics.
  • Day 3: Aiguille du Tour
    • climb the aiguille du Tour
    • glacier travel technique
    • self arrest
    • navigation exercises
  • Day 4:
    • crevasse rescue on the way back to the Orny hut
    • rock rescue at the Orny hut
    • optional: swim in a cold lake!

Winter: February 3-6, 2022

  • Freeriding in Verbier
  • Avalanche awareness (how to use your gear, understanding the avalanche bulletin, reading the terrain, types of avalanches, basic rescue skills)
  • Ski touring: how to set a track; navigation skills; terrain management; pacing.
  • Ice climbing at the Anzere ice park: ice climbing technique

Each evening we will debrief the day and see how we can apply the lessons learnt to our daily lives.

Participants: min 2, max 6

Price: (15% off if you do both modules)

  • Summer module (included: hut fee, guide fees and expenses, round trip pass for Champex lift; not included: gear, snacks and drinks at hut, other transportation)
    • 2 people: 1890CHF per person
    • 3 people: 1500CHF per person
    • 4 people: 1250CHF per person
    • 5 people: 1100CHF per person
    • 6 people: 990CHF per person
  • Winter module: (included: guide fee and expenses; lodging, one dinner; not included: transportation (lifts, train, car ride), gear, all other meals, single room extra)
    • 2 people: 1520CHF per person
    • 3 people: 1300CHF per person
    • 4 people: 1100CHF per person
    • 5 people: 990CHF per person
    • 6 people: 900CHF per person