Photo story:

Rough Itinerary:

Everyone will need to be in Longyearbyen on the 30th and we arrive back to Longyearbyen on June 7th. Then on the way back 8 to Oslo


Its a very comfortable boat and having a wood fired hot tub is a great addition for the guests when we are in protected waters. We can’t have it hot every night but we usually fire the tub on a few of the evenings after skiing. The hot tub certainly helps with multiple polar plunges over the course of several hours for those that aren’t brave enough to bare the temps at 78 degrees north but you’re welcome to brave the cold waters any of the days!!

Clients: 8 guests 2 guides plus 2 boat crew

At this point, there are 4 other women and one man.. the guy is a young guy in the finance world, he’s a strong intermediate skier. Three of the women know each other, mom and daughter and friend.. and then the other woman is a friend of the single woman.. they are all strong skiers

Price: 5500$/pp (flight and some hotels not included):

includes guiding fees and everything once on the boat, except drinks like soda or alcohol. Not included are hotels and flights during travel and each participant must have contracted a rescue insurance that covers a rescue in Svalbard.