#WomenOnly: Patrouille des Glaciers 2022

The Patrouille des Glaciers is the birth-race of ski mountaineering races that travels from Zermatt (for the long race) or Arolla (the shorter race) to Verbier, Switzerland. The race first started in the 40s for armies from different countries to compete against each other. The race was opened up to civilians in the 80s. My mother was one of the first woman to compete in the race and I went on to race with her on my first PDG event. I have entered the short and long race on many occasions since, both for myself and with clients. Since the race is now so popular, there are now two separate events (one during the week and one on the week end) and entering the race is a lottery, unless you are in the military or hire a mountain guide. The 2020 PDG race was cancelled due to Covid-19, along with most events in 2020, so the 2022 edition will be all the more sought after! I am looking forward to racing as an all-woman team again, either on the short or long race! The race is both about the journey and the destination, so join me for the 2022 Patrouille Des Glaciers race to secure your spot on the race, learn a lot along the way and reach your goal!

Why hire a guide for the PDG:

  • Get a spot on the race without entering the lottery
  • 5 training days for Arolla-Verbier ; 10 training days for Zermatt-Arolla
  • Learn how to train
  • Learn how to use your gear efficiently
  • Learn about safety in the backcountry
  • Discover new ski tours
  • Arolla-Verbier: 6400.-
    • 5 training days
    • 2.5 race days (the race asks to have an extra day to adapt to conditions)
    • team fees
  • Zermatt-Verbier: 9800.-
    • 10 training days
    • 3 race days (the race asks to have an extra day to adapt to conditions)
    • team fees